Dedicated to building Christian communities for people with Down syndrome where they can be with others like themselves and fulfill their lifelong dreams and  potential. 
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Many ways your gift can help our Down syndrome adults
We are planning to locate our first Upside-Down facility in Minnesota within two hours of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  We need at least 30 acres of what will likely be farmland.  If you wish to make a donation of some land, we can help you with legal and tax consequences that preserve benefits for you and your living family members while providing Upside-Down with what we need for our live-work environment.  Please call Daonna, President of Upside-Down at 763-370-96897 for more information.
Committed to providing a loving Christian family for all who come
Perhaps you have a relative with Down sydrome in whose name you would like to make a bequest to Upside-Down.  We will have a number of buildings on our site including homes for four adults and  care-givers; an education pavilion; a gatehouse; a recreation building; a dining and entertainment hall and work-site buildings.  You can purchase naming rights to these buildings with any bequest over $10,000.  Your gift includes a one-night stay at the facility and a naming celebration in honor of the person named in the bequest.  Please click the Contact Us button on this page and type "Bequest" in the subject line.
Walk of Honor
Our residents are proud of who they are and what they can accomplish.  We will be installing a brick pathway witihn the facility to honor these residents.  You can purchase a brick with the your name on it and the name of a resident you wish to honor for  a one-tome donation of $100.  You  also receive an invitation to an annual celebration meal honoring you and your fellow donors. Please click the Contact Us button on this page and type "Walk of Honor" in the subject line.
Gifts of cash
You can make a cash donation to Upside-Down using your credit card by using the link below.  No amount is too small.  Each gift enables us to make another step towards our goal.  If you wish, your name can be added to our donor honor role page where you can also write a simple message of good-will or encouragement for our project. Adding your name to the honor role is at your discretion.

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